Blisters, Clamshells & Cards

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Blisters & Clamshells

Blisters and clamshells are used in almost every shelf or hanging display packaging. They are designed to fit any product and come in several strengths to offer protection. Most are clear PVC, transparent, printed, and/or opaque. They range from tri-folds, trays, and/or egg crate. All are custom, thermo-formed packaging.

Header Cards

Header cards or backing cards are used for hanging products which require a poly bag, hard to package items, or heavy duty products. In addition, header cards are cost effective and used widely throughout retail establishments in the checkout isle or end caps for easy hanging.

For a competitive quote on new or existing blisters, clamshells or header cards, feel free to contact PrintPac with all your specifications. We are determined to be your supplier of choice!