Folding Cartons / Chipboard

Southern California, Los Angeles, San Diego, Custom folding cartons, printed folding cartons for a variety of market segments including food and beverage, consumer healthcare packaging, health and beauty, consumer goods, personal care, and direct mail. Unique shapes and sizes, PrintPac designers can help create an innovative folding carton to serve your unique needs. We specialize in special effects, high quality printing, and unique folding carton packaging options. We can help with structural and application design, pre-press design, and provide field application technicians. Options include: Straight Line Carton, Auto-bottom Carton, 4 Corner Glued Trays, Sleeves and overwrap sleeves,Slip cases, book style, DVD wallets, Plastic cartons, transparent packaging,Retail ready packaging and displays.

Folding Cartons / Chipboard

Folding cartons or chipboard boxes are by far the most common form of custom product packaging. Examples include cereal boxes, cosmetic boxes, toothpaste boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, car accessory boxes, and countless others! Folding cartons are easy to assemble and are available in all shapes and sizes based on your packaging requirements. When designing, there are a wide variety of styles:

  • RTE - reverse tuck end
  • TTAB - tuck top auto bottom
  • STE - straight tuck end
  • FOSE - full overlap seal end
  • Endless possibilities

  • SBS - Solid Bleached Sulfate
  • CCNB - Clay Coated News Back
  • Brown Chip
  • Poly Board
  • 1 Color
  • 2 Color
  • 3 Color
  • 4CP (4 Color Process)
  • More than 5 Colors

Cartons can be effective plain (no printing) or printed. When choosing to print, cartons can tolerate high definition graphics, foil stamping, embossing, windowing, and a variety of finishes including Aqueous, Ultra Violet, Matte Varnish, and others. Folding cartons have the ability to transform into a visually impressive package that customers distinctly remember your brand's identity.

For a competitive quote on new or existing folding cartons with or without printing, feel free to contact PrintPac with your specifications. We are determined to be your supplier of choice!